Que será, será

Ich bin stolz auf euch.
Je suis fier de toi.



"...You should take better care of yourself."

"I've got you for that."

"Your parents didn't teach you to say please and thank you?"

"Not the way I'd like to thank you, mali," Ivan said and reached out his hand while sitting up in the bed. "Come here - please."

Luka didn't hesitate for a moment; he took Rakitić's hand and sat next to him to touch his flushed cheek. "You're burning up - " he frowned.

"You're the only one who came to ask how I am. The others don't care."

"They do, they just don't want to catch what you've got."

"And you?"

"Anything I can share with you is a good for me."

"You're a hell of a romantic, you know?"

"It's easy with you," Modrić shrugged nonchalantly and his smile widened.



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