Que será, será

Ich bin stolz auf euch.
Je suis fier de toi.




I think all the people from Croatia are really proud to have Luka Modrić. He was maybe 4 or 5 month (before me) in the national team. We were really young: I was 19, and he maybe 21. And we were really like two young guys to play with the older men, to do it like this. Now, of course, it's different. He's maybe one of the best players in his position. For me, I'm really happy to say he's not only a guy that plays with me in the national team, but also he's a big friend for me, he's a really special person, a good man, a really nice family. So, now that we are 10 years together in the national team (laugh). He's the first man; he's our captain. We would go this way (with fame?最后俩词没听清). He was maybe a little bit funnier at this time, without this pressure to be the captain. Now he has to be a little bit more strict and everything. But, yeah, a lot of respect to him. Not because he's the captain, but because of his football, also his way to see the games, or what he's doing on the pitch. All these guys in the national team, we know that he's the man, he gets the first, he works really hard. After that, outside of the pitch, he's really funny. He's really open. He likes to do some jokes. And when he goes on the pitch, he knows now we have to work together. He's really professional, and that's why I'm so happy of all of what he's doing in his career. I'm not happy because he's in Madrid, but (laugh) he's a great guy because he understands the situation, what we can do together. Now as he gets a little bit older, he has a lot of experience, he knows which moment the team needs something, something different, and he will do it. 

We want to be together strong. We want our national team big. For this, we are together, we are working really hard, and I think after this time, you can see that the people from Croatia so happy. 




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