Que será, será

Ich bin stolz auf euch.
Je suis fier de toi.



"I came in this program thinking that I would only teach science to high school students. I guess I didn't know how much I would learn from you all."

"I just want everybody to remember that in the years to come, you'll make decisions, and you won't be able to connect all the dots looking forwards. But it's only in retrospect that you'll find out that your life has been perfectly designed. And sometimes it's really the best to just sway on the wind, to stand the rigid defiance of it. So even though you're not happy of where you are right now, just keep on swimming."

"I grew up as one of the dreamers. Sometimes I didn't know whether I was able to finish my degree. All of you have such a great support system. You all are very very lucky. Use that, the position you have, your brilliance, to take on the responsibility of changing the world."

"I love you all."

I love you too, Matias.


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